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  • Description
    • Shoot your way through the galaxy, leaving behind a trail of destruction and awesome. Features a customizable tech-tree loaded with options allowing an unprecedented custom experience.
  • Instructions
    • Controls:

      Control ship with the mouse
      Hold SHIFT to activate barrier shield
      Press SPACE for NUKE


      Blaster - shoot plasma bolts at enemies. You can upgrade its spread, damage, and ability to pierce through enemies to do wreak more havoc.
      Rocket Launcher - Like homing missiles, they chase enemies. You can upgrade their blast radius, reload time, and damage.
      Lightning Gun - A powerful weapon that fries your targets. You can upgrade its chains for a chain lightning effect, damage, and the ability to stun enemies.

      Magnet Attract or Magnet Repel? You decide, attract resources or repel enemy bullets! You can upgrade the effect radius and strength.
      Barrier Shield! Two options! Hold your fire or movement and press shift. Choose which fits you best. Upgrade your shields to reduce damage and increase your hitpoints.
      Bombs! Nuke enemies or nuke all bullets. Upgrade your ammo and/or your cool down timer.
      Multiple play styles:

      Fight for survival, navigate asteroid fields, and collect resources. Gain XP and get up to level 81! There are tons of different play styles and possibilities!

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