Peace Break: Hero

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  • Description
    • Destroy 20 different kinds of enemies and 3 cool bosses with 36 amazing upgrades in this Epic arena shooting game! As the hero of the cat planet, it's time for you to save the world!


      - Easy to pick up and play, but difficult to fully complete.

      - 20 different kinds of enemies and 3 bosses each with their own unique abilities.

      - 36 unique upgrades combined science and magic.

      - High level of intensity at later levels.

      - Physical interaction between the player and environment.

      - Easy, Normal and hard mode for each level.

      Developed by Annie&Mark
      Produced by
  • Instructions
    • Controls:

      - WASD or arrows - movement

      - Mouse - aim and shoot

      - 1~4, Q, E, R, F and Space to change skills

      - P to pause, M to mute

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