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  • Description
    • As a young girl, desperate to stop her parents from fighting, Sellar Dore ran away from home. Now, years later, she learns her village has been struck by disaster. Before she can face her home again, she?s going to need to raise the money to get there!

      ?Misplaced something? I will find it!? ? Sellar Dore, Item Huntress
  • Instructions
      - WASD or Arrow Keys to move.
      - Q to toggle Quality.
      - Space to Jump.
      - Mouse to aim, click to grab/ interact.
      - Click glowing characters to talk to them! (Their hints will help!)
      - Find all items to complete quest.
      - Bonus Quest: Each level has a hardcore hidden item. Can you find them all?
      - ESC to review instructions.

      If you are lagging try the suggestions below:
      - Hit the Quality Button. Or conveniently toggle quality with Q!
      - Click out of game then CTRL +[-] to shrink your screen/game.

      Or treat yourself to a new computer! :8)

      BONUS: If you have a powerful computer you can do the opposite, CTRL + [+] to enlarge the game screen!

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