Mission in Space : the lost colony

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  • Description
    • Control up to 6 troopers and deliver a colony from an alien threat in this turn based tactical.

      This is our first flash game, we hope you?ll enjoy it :)
      All missions can be won in gold the first time.
  • Instructions
    • Mouse only with shortcuts :
      WASD to scroll (you can also click/drag the mouse or use the buttons on the sids)
      TAB : switch between troopers
      R : reload
      M : toggle mute

      About the aliens : They have 6 MP. They come out from the ventilation grids, so always have your troopers away from them and you should be ok !

      Stuck in the game ? If you?re stuck in a mission after mission 1, click the help icon for some advice and links to video walkthroughs !

      Hard mode : Finish mission 12 to unlock it.

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