Particle Wars Extreme

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  • Description
    • Blast away waves of enemies and take down huge bosses. Particle Wars Extreme will instantly pull you in with extraordinary gameplay. Immense explosions and fast paced action will make it difficult for you to stop playing. PWE contains various game modes and plenty of challenging levels that will hook you into thousands of colourful particles. Defeating end level bosses will make you cry tears of happiness, and you will want to play with a friend in the co-op mode. With tons of achievements and competitive leader boards, this might just be your favourite game yet. Enjoy!
  • Instructions
    • Left and Right arrow keys Movement

      Down arrow key or Spacebar (HOLD) Shoot

      M Mute

      P Pause

      Left click (single player) Pause

      Left click (co-op) Player 2 shoot

      Mouse move left/right (co-op) Player 2 movement

      Right click Various options

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