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  • Description
    • Overwatch is like a cross beetween COD4, X-COM and Starcraft,
      it's not really an RTS because it is more tactical than strategic.

      Make sure you try the multiplayer, this is mainly a multiplayer game.

      -Some people are having trouble placing C4. It takes a couple seconds to be planted, if you move the engineer while planting C4 it will cancel.
      -Use SHIFT, the game is impossible if you dont.
      -Engineer placed turrets need a soldier to work. Place a soldier right next to a turret and it will start shooting.
  • Instructions
    • Scroll view: move mouse outside screen, or Q and E.
      Move to cover: SHIFT + click

      In multiplayer games make sure that nobody?s lag is in red numbers, unless you want to play a super laggy game.
      Green and yellow lag is OK.

      Controls are listed in the HELP section.

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