Ghost Hacker

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  • Description
    • Use your hacking skills to take back cyberspace from rogue AIs in this tower defense game.
  • Instructions
    • -Stop the enemies from stealing the Data Cores
      -Use your mouse to place towers, upgrades, and scripts
      -Has a built-in tutorial

      Some general hints:
      -If there?s multiple entrances, place towers after the paths merge together.
      -Usually the best place to put towers is in spots where they hit different parts of the path that are far away from each other. Hitting one long stretch of path can be worse then hitting two small far away sections of the path.
      -Watch what enemies are listed for each level and plan your towers and upgrades based on that.
      -Scripts only temporarily use memory. You never lose memory using them.
      -Recycling towers gives you 100% of your memory back.

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